Sunday, February 24, 2013

Foto: Flaming 'hot' dancer

While I was in Penang, attending the Chinese New Year Open House organized by Barisan Nasional, Penang, it feels so great. Not only Chinese were there, Malays, Indians even the tourist participating in the, I would say the biggest event early this year (of course before the General Election).

So, they invited Shila Amzah and Psy to entertain the people. Well, Shila Amzah performance was great, even better, the weather was not so hot. But when Psy's turn came, it's already at noon! Can you believe it, performing concert during the sun directly on your head? Dang!

That was the moment that I wouldn't forget, enjoying concert at noon! 

I already uploaded the photos of the celebrities but there are some photos of the dancers that I do want to share with you guys. Actually, the photos is spontaneous, because I didn't had the time to set my gear properly during the show. But the output are quite special...enjoy!

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