Monday, May 20, 2013

Foto: Datuk Dr. Ahmad Nawab

Legendary Ahmad Nawab performs his beautiful song at the Sambutan Hari RTM Ke-67, Hari Hutan Antarabangsa & Hari Telekomunikasi Sedunia Peringkat Negeri Perak Tahun 2013.

Wiki info:

Ahmad Nawab (born April 6, 1933 in Penang, Malaysia) or officially Dato' Dr. Ahmad Khan Nawab Khan is a Malaysian composer. He has written over 2000 songs and has worked with artists including P.Ramlee, Saloma, Sudirman Arshad, Salamiah Hassan, Andre Goh and M.Sani.

He became involved in the industry in the 1950s and then joined forces with the Orkestra RTM for 17 years and received numerous awards.

Among the most notable awards is the Merak Kayangan Award [Best Song], the Bintang Malam (1980).

The highest appreciation given by the Malaysian music industry to the senior composer is the Seniman Negara Award of 2006, on November 20, 2006. The award was granted by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin Syed Putra Jamalullail during the Anugerah Seni Negara event in 2006, organized by the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Tourism Malaysia or KeKKWa (acronym in Bahasa Melayu).

He also received a RM60,000 cash prize and was appointed to become the official delegate of KeKKWa in national and international forums and seminars.

Dato' Ahmad Nawab is generally known for his signature sunglasses and white suit and usually he will perform a saxophone solo.

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Foto: The Malaysian Colors Of Democracy

A historic day for all Malaysians as today they will be casting theirvotes for the 13th General Election (GE13), also known as the ‘Mother of all elections’.

Malaysians have begun voting at 8 am nationwide at 8,245 polling centres.

The centres, with 25,337 polling streams, opened at various places, 80 per cent of which were schools, multipurpose halls and community halls.

Of the 13,268,002 voters, only 12,992,661 are eligible to vote today as 272,387 of them , comprising mainly military and police personnel, were early voters who cast their ballots on April 30.

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