Tuesday, October 11, 2011


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The Rejimen Askar Wataniah (English: Territorial Army Regiment;Chinese: 国土防卫後備军团; pinyin: Guótǔ Fángwèi Hòubèi Jūntuán) is the military reserve force of the Malaysian Army. An equivalent formation in the British Army would be the Territorial Army.

The Regiment infantry unit formerly consist 2 series reservist; the mobilized 300 series and the volunteer 500 series. But the 300 series which consist of 5 infantry battalions with mobilized reservists for full time duty has been converted into the new regular Rejimen Sempadan (Border Regiment) since 2008. The 500 series are reserve volunteers units, based in major towns and cities throughout the whole country. In all, there are about sixteen infantry Regiments of the 500 series beside other support and service support reserve units.[1]

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