Monday, March 14, 2011


I gave a chance to myself, to improve my skill and knowledge in photography by using my humble gear, D3000 for a year and I think that is good enough for me to welcome a new gear into the family.

Just now, I just came back from the shop with my new gear, D90. It just like you are having a second car in your family. More attention and more buttons must be recognized.

I think, I am bit lucky because, before this (while using D3000), I normally trained myself to use the Manual buttons. So that, I can get myself ready for the next advance gear.

Well, this time I hope I can produce much better photos with quality performance.

Thank you D3000, you are always my first DSLR camera...


  1. fulamak!!!!!! saya nak upgrade pon fulus ngak cukup..hehe..pakai je entry level tu dulu..sob sob sob

  2. naman...fulus boleh dicari pelan-pelan...gear baru ni dah jadi investment, yang lama kita buat backup... kalau sekadar hobi, daddy pun tak larat...hehehehe