Thursday, November 11, 2010


These are my students who had performed well in their previous UPSR.
Nur Aina Syazwani - 5A

Aina 5A
Muhammad Naqiyuddin - 5A
Naqi 5A
Farisha Damia - 4A 1B
Nur Zuizattie - 4A 1B
Khairul Azmi - 4A 1B

P.S. UPSR results this year is really a very profound impact on me when English was published as a declining percentage of subjects passed.

I do not know where the mistake, some students who have never failed me so far, received disappointing results this year.

Is it because I do not know how to teach? Or any way I teach? Or questions on this too hard?

Maybe I need to be conscious of how my teaching and learning in the classroom of the future ...

However, I would like to congratulate those who managed to get in on the excellent results